Jeudi 21 Juin - Samedi 23 juin 2012

Dans la soirée du jeudi 21 juin la Galerie ORENDA accueillera EDGAR HEAP OF BIRDS en visite exceptionnelle en France.

L'artiste exposera ses oeuvres picturales, signera le catalogue de son exposition "Most Serene Republics" à la Biennale di Venezia 2007
et présentera plusieurs films tels que:

1. "Most Serene Republics", production 2007, with 4 chapters about 10 minutes each, from my 2007 Venice Bienalle public art intervention projects. DVD produced by NMAI. Will attach brochures.

2. " Inciting Memory, the Art work of Edgar Heap of Birds", 2006, produced by the Denver Art Museum, time 25 minutes, content is an over view of my art practice as well as the 50 foot outdoor porcelain and steel signature sculpture "Wheel' at the Denver Art Musuem.

3. "Wheel", 2006, produced by Edgar Heap of Birds, time 3 minutes, construction of sculpture and installation.

4. "Diary of Trees", 2000, produced by Edgar Heap of Birds, exhibition of "Wheel" full scale models, 12 foot in height, plus diary large scale 10 foot drawings at NMAI in NYC, music score from Aboriginal Australia.



Edgar Heap of Birds

Artists are chosen to observe and comment through their creation. We live to grow via our visual learnings. Our role is to also act as mentors whom support artistic endeavors and send wishes of guidance forth. The artist will produce works that become offerings towards the betterment of this natural world, loved ones, far away peoples and ourselves.

Our sources and responsibilities of family, partner and tribe become both essence towards invention as well as a presence to be cared for just as any parent across this broad and diverse society would love their child or grand mother. We take in all that we can carry and seek the blessing of knowing our best efforts are meeting these challenges.

In this innovative life path a prime duty is one that serves the nation of which we are members. This allegiance precedes us from history and shall extend beyond. Thus tribal soldier will nurture all that is dear and sacrifice to preserve sacred traditions with thirst, prayer and song.

As an artistic soul striving to maintain indigenous priorities, through many actions, a great amount of attention must be given to the autonomy of one's independent persona. It is necessary to allow important space for private mind and body. One may revel in an open investigation of self.

From this center of personal spirit and tribal circle Native artists and their artwork seek to reach out and commune with the larger peopled world. The desire is to speak of ourselves, asking those whom listen to feel for us with kind empathy and respect. As in tribal traditions we as ceremonial apprentices strive to gain knowledge from a learned entity. We approach the elder and ask for this same type of understanding .The elder shall only respond once a like respect and compassion is engendered toward them, an offering must be made. The learning road is one of a true exchange. To give before taking is an honorable passage.

The overall success of Native artists shall lie in viewing creative brothers and sisters, from through out the total expressive spirit of this world, as allies. We all suffer and triumph together, whether non native or tribal, as artists. Across racial divides, we share more commonalities than differences. Native artists will benefit from contributing their supportive care towards all members of a broad artistic world. Mutual respect shall flourish from this exchange. We can not wait any longer to awaken and dance the circles of participation over the four corners of this earth.

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