ORENDA in Algonquian languages, means "source of life, creative spirit".

Santa Fe has inspired the decor of the Galerie ORENDA, a combination of the famous Santa Fe blue and deep ochre from New Mexico and Arizona.


  "René Magritte and his wife", Magritte.
"Guitare", Serge Poliakoff.
The gallery is planning to give visibility and recognition to contemporary Native American Arts and to emerging and promising artists, already well established in their community, their region or their country but not yet well known on the international scene. In this new gallery, they are offered a possibility to exhibit in a major European capital city, in the center of Paris.

Well known artists with established reputation in other artistic centers such as Santa Fe, Milan, New York, Canada, Basque country, Corsica, Eastern Europe... as well as personalities from other fields with artistic talents will exhibit at the Gallery ORENDA.

For ORENDA, the key is to create cross-cultural encounters between artists with a common ideal: opening up new visions and exchanges between cultures.

The exhibitations are organised around common themes, following in the footsteps of a long established tradition by Galerie XX Siècle.

The shows follow thematic patterns. In 2009, exhibitions were organized around seven concepts: Artists from the East who have selected Art in Paris, Lights of Mexicos, Destiny of a man...

Karel-Zlin, oil on wood
"Le Baiser" de Maria Papa au Musée National de Pologne

Founders :

Joëlle Rostkowski
, who has worked within the United Nations for many years, has written extensively on Native American history and cultures.

Nicolas Rostkowski, who has cooperated actively to the Galerie XX Siècle before engaging in a business career, is coming back to the artistic field. n november 2009, Nicolas Rostkowski has donated to the Centro APICE of the Milan University the full collection of the Revue XX Siècle, a selection of historical books and over 300 letters letters between; his step-father San Lazzaro and his mother Maria Papa, and prominent artistic personalities such as Chagall, Arp, Marino Marini, Capogrossi, Vittorio de Sica, Zavattini, Cardazzo, Estève, Nina Kandinsky.... They are part now of the Foundation Gualtieri di San Lazzaro and Maria Papa.

Edith-Laure Rostkowski, their daughter, is an art student in Paris.


Giovanni Cerri

Antonio Mignozzi

Isabelle Bonzom

Thursday, March 8, 2018.

April 12 to May 12, 2018.
Thursday April 12, 2018.

Drew Michael

Larry Ahvakana

Preston Singletary

Scott Momaday

Avec la participation exceptionnelle,  et en présence,  de JEAN MALAURIE qui présentera une sélection des ses aquarelles du Grand Nord

  Brenda Kingery
Rebecca Lyon  

Kevin Red Star

Perry Eaton

June 7, September 15, 2018.
June, 7, 2018.

Roland de Leu

11 October - 17 November 2018.
11 October 2018.



State University New York Press

Ci dessous : Article de SYLVIE BRIEU. "Conversations with Remarkable Native Americans" de Joëlle Rostkowski. National Geographic France. Juin 2012

Vient de paraître de Joëlle Rostkowski :
"Conversations with remarkabale native americans".
State University of New York Press. Mars 2012

Lire l'article...(Télécharger en .pdf)

Conversations with Remarkable Native Americans, Joëlle Rostkowski, State University of New York Press, Albany, 2012.

Cette collection d’interviews d’écrivains, artistes, journalistes, militants, juristes autochtones, illustre les événements majeurs qui ont marqué la vie des Indiens  nord-américains durant ces trois dernières décennies.

Survival International, Juillet 2012.


  Joelle Rostkowski. "Conversations with remarkable Native Americans". SUNY Press. Compte rendu.


Rostkowski, Joëlle. Conversations with remarkable Native Americans. SUNY Press, 2012. 143p bibl indexes afp ISBN1-4384-4175-4, $35.00; ISBN 9781438441757, $35.00.
50-1066 E89 2011-19510 CIP

Ethnohistorian Rostkowski (School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences, Paris) has assembled a series of interviews with 15 prominent indigenous people. In this reviewer's experience, books on "remarkable Native Americans" often emanate from a theorized or believed view of indigenous peoples existing in tropes of decline. Here, Rostkowski provides an interesting glimpse into the thoughts of prominent indigenous writers, activists, and artists, each speaking to the centralized theme of the work--survivance. Survivance is based upon Gerald Vizenor's methodology in his work, research, and writings. Defined by Rostkowski, survivance "is the continual assertion of nonterritorial Native sovereignty, which ... as the condition of their lives as artists, writers, journalists, lawyers, and activists" informs readers. These interviews shed light on how diverse Native American peoples, cultures, and beliefs are in the modern era. The interviews encompass many views, critiques, and thoughts on how people move forward in the future based on what has already been experienced, learned, and remembered. Those interviewed and many others have aided coming generations in raising up frameworks based on survivability and seeking to negotiate present sustainability, all while seeking revitalization of indigenous cultures and epistemologies. Summing Up: Highly recommended. General and undergraduate libraries. -- K. J. White, SUNY Oswego




  Maria Papa élue "Artiste du mois" par le magazine Le Revenu. Novembre 2012. Par Myriam Simon

...lire l'article




La Galerie ORENDA est fière de vous informer que l'huile sur papier "Totem" de CAYOL reproduite sur l'invitation pour son inauguration, a été reprise par UNESCO pour figurer sur l'invitation de son Forum Permanent des Populations Autochtones en 2008.

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