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"Esprits de la montagne"

"Composition abstraite", 1986.

"He has set himself the goal of bridging other realms as well. Vigil Gray once described the artist's role as one of being "a mediator between the earthly world of paint" and "the unearthly realm of artistic creation." As he enters what is perhaps the mid-phase of this carrer, his goal appears to be even more expansive.

Darren Vigil Gray dans son studio à Santa Fé, juillet 2007.

He has said recently, "I wan to become more of a mediator between the earthly realm and the ethereal. Something that's unseen, that's inexplicable."

He talks about creating paintings that are "charged up" and it's easy to see the physical manifestations of energy in his brillant, flashing brushstrokes on canvas. "It's like you're putting electricity into the canvas," he said. "When it's done, it's this repository of energy."

Darren Vigil Gray avec Paul McCartney,
son ami et collectionneur
Vigil Gray's work is in the permanent collections of many leading museums - the Head Museum in Phoenix, the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fé, the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American Art and National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC, the Denver Art Museum, the Museum of the American West in Sun Valley ID, the Gilcrease Art Museum in Tulsa, and the Museum of Mankind in Vienna, Austria. His work is also owned by an impressive list of celebrities, including musicians, artists and actors."

"Edgy and contemporary, with expressive color and energetic brushwork, Vigil Gray's oil and acrylic paintings and his monotypes are a vivid expression of the energy that pours through him and into this work.

"Double portrait".

The figurative elements in his dreamscapes place him in a contemporary genre that invites favorable comparisons to urban artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, yet they are packed with mysterious and apparently mythic symbols that spring from the artist's imagination as much as from his Native heritage."

"Vue du désert."

"Desert de Gram Parson", huile sur papier,
46 x 52 cms.

"La vallée de l'or."

"Présence des origines", acrylique sur papier,
90 x 120 cms.

"Le week-end de la découverte de soi-même", monotype, 76 x 76 cms.

Darren Vigil Gray, 2008.

Darren Vigil Gray et son épouse Gill, fille de Scott Momaday.

Cayol et Darren Vigil Gray, Santa Fé, 2006.

"89-e contact", monotype, 76 x 76 cms.

"Pouvoir du lièvre 2", monotype, 76 x 76 cms.